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Pickled Onions for Cocktails

Pickled Onions for Cocktails

Pickled Onions for Cocktails

Posted by on Feb 16, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

Onions are available in a variety of forms and shapes but they taste even better once they have been pickled. Our baby pickled onions feature pearl onions with a crispy crunch and a savoury, natural flavour that are perfect as a garnish for smoked fish, meat pies, sausages, smoked meat, pates and much more. They can also be added to cocktails and martinis to add a new depth of flavour.

They are easier to digest since they don’t have that eye-watering or sulphurous taste to them. Pearl onions are used to make pickled onions since they are naturally sweet and pair perfectly with a variety of cocktails. Here are some of the most popular cocktails that feature pickled onions as a garnish:

Yellow Rattler – This drink is made with gin, dry and sweet vermouth, orange juice and a cocktail onion

Gent of the Jury – This cocktail features gin, dry vermouth and a cocktail onion

Gibson – This drink is also made with gin, vermouth and a cocktail onion

Haiku Martini – Enjoy this cocktail featuring sake, dry vermouth and a cocktail onion

Patton Martini – This is yet another martini made with gin, dry vermouth, olive oil, a cocktail onion or an olive

Cocktail onions can also be featured on a relish tray or can be included as an ingredient in sauces and gravies. Some people like to batter them and then fry them up as a tasty treat while dedicated pickled onion foodies may prefer to eat them straight from the jar.

If you own any type of commercial food establishment such as a restaurant, cafe or bar and need large quantities of pickled natural onions, please visit our website at www.viniteau.com for more details about our white baby onions in vinegar. We offer wholesale pricing for bulk orders and guarantee a timely delivery. Viniteau is where to buy wholesale gourmet vinegar and balsamic glazes.