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Grape Must Whole Grain 1Kg Viniteau

Category: Liquids & Pastes

A product with a history as colourful as its rich purple hue. "Moutarde Violette", as it's called in France, is prepared by mixing mustard with the must (skin, seeds and stems) that remains from wine production. It has an extraordinary and haunting essence with full bodied red wine flavour from sun-ripened grapes and the sharp tang of mustard. Use as a condiment alongside Pot au Feu and Boudin Noir, in a compound butter for grilled steak, in meat sauces or in a vinaigrette to serve with green salad alongside pan fried liver or kidneys.


Grape must, mustard seeds, wine, water, vinegar, salt, spices. Coloring Agent: anthocyanins, sugar, Sodium bisulfite.

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  • sku: 114110
  • brand: Viniteau
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