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Balsamic Vinegar IGP (6%) Bronze 500ml Viniteau

Category: Liquids & Pastes

Balsamic vinegar is produced using a traditional and complex recipe and aging process. This balsamic is a good culinary workhorse, possessing the aromatic qualities and dark, caramelized colour and flavour of an aged vinegar. Balsamic Vinegar is good in vinaigrettes with grilled vegetables, in marinades for pork or reduced to a glaze and used as a garnish. It is delicious to deglaze a saucepan when preparing a rich meat sauce for beef or duck. Used sparingly it is excellent on ripe strawberries.


Wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, caramel colour. Contains naturally occurring sulphites.

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  • sku: 142046
  • brand: Viniteau
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